Filtered Mains Water

The cost effective solution for keeping your staff healthy & hydrated with filtered, cool water. 

We take care of 1) installation which is FREE regardless of the length of piping required 2) sanitisation service every 6 months FREE & 3) maintenance while you enjoy an unlimited supply of hot or chilled, filtered water when you need it. Mains fed water coolers only £5 per week Mains fed water boilers from only £10 per week.

Mains Fed Water Coolers

The health benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water per day are well known. What you may not be aware of are the benefits a 4R Office mains fed water cooler can bring to your business compared to bottled water systems: An unlimited supply of chilled, filtered water - how much do you currently pay for an 18 litre bottle?

Prices guaranteed for 5 years

No contract

FREE installation regardless of length of run

FREE sanitisation

No heavy lifting of water bottles Never run out of cool, filtered water - even during periods of peak demand

No trucks delivering water bottles - reduce your carbon footprint even more!

Eco Boilers

Overfilling kettles has been identified as a major waste of electricity for businesses.

A Marco Eco Boiler from 4R Office is a cost effective and profitable solution: Best in class energy efficiency Ecomode operation - only use the energy you need to and reduce your carbon footprint

5 litre immediate draw off

Compact footprint

No waiting, no waste

As used in major high street coffee chains 

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free site survey simply call us on 01462 440 388 or click here to email us.

4R Energy

4R Energy helps businesses, schools, colleges & universities take control of their energy supply and energy usage.

Supply review

If your energy costs are more than £25,000 a year you qualify for a free energy review. We work with a long established independent energy cost analyst, auditor and consultant. They are very different to Energy Brokers who are middlemen that have a vested interest in switching you to suppliers who pay them the highest commission. 

The argument has never been stronger for energy purchasing to be outsourced to experts who can structure the right deal for the current and future market.

What is an energy review?

  • analysis of energy and water supply invoices
  • detailed audit of costs to identify any errors and consumption anomalies
  • assessment of existing charging structures, supply contracts and their renewal dates

How do you benefit?

  • an initial report summarises all existing arrangements and outlines any savings and refunds that we may be able to achieve
  • ongoing cost reductions
  • carbon footprint reducing eco options

We do not take any action without your consent and any contract documents or applications are signed by you so you retain ultimate control

What Does It Cost?

Fees are based on an agreed share of savings secured as a direct result of advice. Compare that approach with the alternative of using a broker where they take an upfront fee.

Usage review

This will look at your current use of electricity and identify measures to reduce your costs and your carbon footprint. It will offer up a report showing the ongoing savings that could be achieved from switching to LED. It will show details of the return you can expect on investment, the overal nett cost savings and the carbon reduction.

This review will require CAD drawings & a full design service.

Remember : We only get paid if you save money

Secure Shredding

On-site shredding service

Dispose of your confidential documents safely and securely with our on-site shredding service. Working with industry experts we supply lockable storage containers in which to store your secure waste between collections. We then arrange to destroy your waste at your convenience; we offer a regular scheduled on-site shredding service or can arrange to visit you at your request.

We utilise a fleet of Urban Shredders covering the UK and Northern Ireland. These shredders will completely destroy your confidential material before the vehicle leaves your premises. Your waste is shredded into small particles by the multi-edged cross-cut method and spread by vacuum throughout the truck for extra security.

Once the destruction process has been completed we can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction confirming your compliance under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The shredded waste material is taken to one of our Secure Recycling Centres.

  • Minimum charge £120 for 15 sacks including the sacks themselves and £5.00 for each additional sack*
  • Minimum charge £120 for 15 archive boxes themselves and £5.00 for each additional box
  • Minimum charge £120 for 240kg and £0.40 for each additional kg

Off-site shredding services

If on-site shredding isn't appropriate for you, we can collect and shred all your confidential documents via an off-site service. Our off-site shredding service is secure and safe. We transport your confidential documents to a secure shredding facility, where the powerful machines will completely destroy them. You can order packs of polypropylene sacks and ties to store and secure your waste until collection. Once the sacks are full, just call us to arrange collection. We use state of the art shredding equipment, with CCTV in operation throughout the premises. Once the destruction process has been completed we can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction confirming your compliance under the Data Protection Act 1998. Almost all of the paper we destroy is recycled.

  • Minimum charge £100.00 for 25 sacks including the sacks themselves and £3.00 for each additional sack*
  • Minimum charge £100.00 for 25 archive boxes and £3.00 for each additional box

Product Destruction

It's not only paper documents that contain confidential information. Many other materials can be used for fraudulent purposes if they fall into the wrong hands. For example ID cards & badges, uniforms & PPE could be used to falsely gain access to a site or customer's home. If not disposed of correctly, counterfeit or faulty goods could be sold on, potentially damaging a brand and its reputation. Our secure destruction process ensures these potentially damaging materials are removed from the open market protecting your customers and the public from fraudulent activity.


Q. How secure is the process?

A. In-between collections, documents are secured in lockable containers

You will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction post shredding, to confirm that your documents have been completely destroyed and also to confirm your compliance under the Data Protection Act 1998 Our drivers are uniformed, security cleared to BS 7858 and carry photographic ID Documents are never left unattended and all employees sign a Deed of Confidentiality

All paper collected for off-site shredding is destroyed within 24 hours at one of our secure shredding depots. The entire process is monitored by CCTV.

Q. What is the quality of recycled paper like?

A. This is an 80gsm office paper for everyday printing and volume copying mainly for internal use. It will perform as well as a paper made from virgin fibre. You can print on both sides but like with all similar grades there will be some show through. Our recycled papers are guaranteed for use on photocopiers, plain paper fax machines, inkjet printers and laser printers. It's fully compliant with DIN 6378 as well as being Nordic Swan and Blue Angel accredited

Q. Do I have to remove paper clips, coloured paper, staples or bindings from my documents?


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