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Managed Print Services (MPS)

Who can you trust?


We've all heard the nightmare stories of schools being caught up in neverending so called 'evergreen' contracts.


Talk to us about how we can help you reclaim control of your printing and print fleet costs. Find out more >>







Recycling & the Environment

Want help managing your schools waste?


When you replace furniture , copiers & printers we remove them & recycle.Dispose of responsibly & safely with 4R.


Did you know? : Copiers & printers contain a hard drive which stores every print & copy made during its life. 


Toners/cartridgesPaper & Secure Shredding







Interested in reducing costs, usage & generating your own?


We work with an energy analyst who 1) conduct an audit 2) check retrospectively for overpayments 3) advise on your best way forward. They only get paid based on the savings they uncover. Tip : avoid energy brokers. Find out why here >>


Invest in LED lighting & solar energy for a quick payback & ongoing savings. Call us on 01462 440 388 to discuss.







Is water the most precious commodity on earth?


Water is close to our heart with our support of Pump Aid who provide a clean water supply to communities in Africa.


Closer to home we advocate using filtered mains water rather than bottled water which costs more to buy, store and manage as well as using oil based plastics. 







Together we can make a difference