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These 4R Elephant Pumps have already changed lives. With your help we can sponsor more.


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The Elephant Pump




Water, water isn't everywhere


Pump Aid’s founders developed the Elephant Pump, a low cost, community centred approach to sustainable water production. The technology was so successful that Pump Aid has been able to provide a lifetime supply of clean water to over 1 million people across Zimbabwe, Malawi and Liberia.



Who loses out?


It is women and children that normally trek the many miles every day to collect water. This is time consuming and can be dangerous. Accessible water means that children can go to school instead and women can stay safe.



How else can water change lives?


Water can be used to irrigate nutrition gardens to grow crops which not only improves their diet but also generates their own income by selling any surplus produce. Elephant Pumps use simple but effective technology that can be maintained by poor rural communities without any assistance.





The local community come together to assist in the building process, providing materials such as bricks, sand, stones and unskilled labour.







Pump Aid provides maintenance workshops to ensure all community members are trained to maintain the Elephant Pump and Elephant Toilet. They also offer health and hygiene education in partnership with locally trained medics.



Human rights


We believe that access to clean water is a fundamental human right. Pump Aid have found a practical way of helping communities help themselves and 4R Office is proud to support them in their efforts. We hope you agree.



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Together we can make a difference