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The eco cleaners featured here are more suited for use in places where hygiene and eliminating cross contamination is critical. There will be kitchens, cafeterias and areas with high footfall. The core cleaning products remain the same but there are also specialist cleaning products designed specifically for these demanding environments.


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Concentrated cleaner benefits

  • Cost savings : refilled 750ml spray bottle as low as 14p.
  • Reduced storage (2L = 66 x 750ml bottles)
  • Cleaners can dilute wherever they have access to clean water
  • Minimised environmental impact through reduced packaging and the re-use of spray bottles


The core products for the SuperC Dispenser are :


2L Multi-Purpose Cleaner 750ml Refill Bottle
2L Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser 750ml Refill Bottle
2L Washroom Cleaner 750ml Refill Bottle


All product pages contain the COSHH data in the form of a safety data sheet, information sheet and a usage guide.


We can offer all sorts of support including COSHH training, signage & posters such as 'our guide to' wallcharts below.



...........and here's a guide to effective handwashing with a pdf version here.



We can produce one or several for you with your logo & each containing up to any 4 from this full product list.


Cleaning can be simplified by using core products for the bulk of the cleaning and we have colour coded illustrations as to how this would work in a commercial kitchen or hospital/care home bedroom and en suite.





You can see a brief outline of the many benefits of eco cleaning products below with a more detailed overview including the full product list & a description of each product with their main attributes here.  


Eco Benefits


  • EU Eco label accreditation on many products
  • derived from plant based ingredients
  • readily biodegradable
  • packaged in 100% recyclable packaging
  • reduced carbon footprint



  • reduced inventories and costs
  • concentrated cleaners offer huge savings


Health & Safety

  • food prep safe (kitchen products)
  • safer for users/cleaning personnel especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics or those with sensitive skin
  • safer for anyone occupying the cleaned environment especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics or those with sensitive skin
  • reduced impact on aquatic life when discharged into the eco system
  • phosphate & phosphonate free
  • non-flammable
  • not tested on animals



  • equal or better than big brand market leaders
  • easy to use
  • surfactant and enzyme based technology