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Environmental Policy Statement

At 4R Office we are committed to reducing our environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices and encouraging the same from our customers and suppliers.

We promote an extensive range of eco and ethical products to our customers and continually monitor the environmental credentials of our suppliers.


Our objective is to strive for continual environmental improvements throughout the supply chain.


A fundamental priority is the reduction of carbon emissions by :


  • using finite resources as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • switching to renewable energy sources
  • minimising packaging, product miles & use of unsustainable raw materials
  • reducing consumption by adopting sustainable practises such as duplex printing, home working and generally improving energy efficiencies
  • reusing products either for its original purpose or for something different to extend its useful life
  • recycling

The operation of our logistics partner Truline represents virtually all of our indirect impact on the environment. Truline, who are wholly owned by o2o Group Plc, recognises that its business activities have a material impact on its employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. CSR is a cornerstone of o2o Group Plc's commercial strategy and the Group's approach is reflected in its corporate social responsibility policy.

The company Environmental Policy was approved by the Directors of 4R Future Ltd in March 2012 and will be regularly reviewed and, when appropriate, updated.

Paul O’Shaughnessy
Founder & Director


4R Office is a trading name of 4R Future Ltd


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