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Recycling Services

Electronic & IT Equipment



Many businesses fail to recognise that redundant computer equipment will contain confidential information that they are legally and morally obliged to dispose of appropriately.


As part of our Managed Print Services (MPS) we can guarantee that 100% of your redundant IT equipment and WEEE is reused or recycled where appropriate without exposing your confidential information to potential misuse.


All equipment is securely wiped to HMG Infosec 5 Baseline/Enhanced standard and tested for safety before being reused. All equipment is processed in the UK and through ongoing partnerships with charitable organisations we provide much needed equipment for community projects.


Call us on 01462 440 388 to get things going or click the Get in Touch link & we'll call you.






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    Cartridge & Toner        Furniture       Electronic & IT Equipment    Shredding