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Filtered Mains Water

The cost effective solution for keeping your staff healthy & hydrated with filtered, cool water. 


We take care of 1) installation which is FREE regardless of the length of piping required 2) sanitisation service every 6 months FREE & 3) maintenance while you enjoy an unlimited supply of hot or chilled, filtered water when you need it.





  • Mains fed water coolers only £5 per week
  • Mains fed water boilers from only £10 per week
  • Free Trials
  • Fixed price for 5 years
  • No minimum contract

















Mains Fed Water Coolers

The health benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water per day are well known. What you may not be aware of are the benefits a 4R Office mains fed water cooler can bring to your business compared to bottled water systems:


  • An unlimited supply of chilled, filtered water - how much do you currently pay for an 18 litre bottle?
  • Prices guaranteed for 5 years
  • No contract
  • FREE installation regardless of length of run
  • FREE sanitisation
  • No heavy lifting of water bottles
  • Never run out of cool, filtered water - even during periods of peak demand
  • No trucks delivering water bottles - reduce your carbon footprint even more!

Eco Boilers

Overfilling kettles has been identified as a major waste of electricity for businesses. A Marco Eco Boiler from 4R Office is a cost effective and profitable solution:


  • Best in class energy efficiency
  • Ecomode operation - only use the energy you need to and reduce your carbon footprint
  • 5 litre immediate draw off
  • Compact footprint
  • No waiting, no waste
  • As used in major high street coffee chains


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free site survey simply call us on 01462 440 388 or click here to email us.





Together we can make a difference