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Women & Water




Education & Safety


Lack of clean water disproportionately affects women and children.


  • 40 billion working hours are lost each year to collecting water.
  • The burden of having no access to water falls most heavily on women.
  • Hours spent collecting water is hours not doing essential domestic chores or generating income.
  • Walking long distances, sometimes alone, means that women and girls are vulnerable to attack.
  • Children miss out on education because instead of going to school they have to either collect water themselves or stay at home to look after their younger siblings and/or take care of essential chores whilst their mothers collect water.

Pump Aid want to highlight how the lack of something like water that we take for granted in the UK so badly affects women and children in poor countries.

You can work out how much of your income would be lost if you, like many women and girls in Africa, had to spend five hours a day collecting water. This isn't to make you feel guilty but to try & help us all appreciate the value of clean, safe drinking water.





 "Think of how you spend five hours of your day - watching television, meeting friends, eating out, going to the gym or in your workplace. Then imagine instead that those five hours were spent trekking through parched land to find and carry water to survive. Each and every day. That is the reality for many women.

An Elephant pump delivers so much more than clean water and better health. It gives women the luxury of time for themselves, time to become educated, time to learn new skills that can provide them with an income and get them off the relentless cycle of poverty."


Corinne Bailey Rae, Pump Aid Ambassador


"It’s really made me think how much I take water for granted. I have a bottle of water on my desk because I can’t be bothered to go to the kitchen to get a drink, never mind trekking 5 hours to provide water for my whole family. If I had to spend that much time collecting water it would be goodbye to pretty shoes and nights out – I’d seriously struggle to make ends meet."
Liz Dobson, Pump Aid Supporter


"So I did this, and my new salary is actually less than my yearly rent, so I could have a home, but not eat or travel to work. In order to live on this salary, I would have to move into a house which was around £100 a month, and spend £30 a month on food. I could never take the tube, nor get my hair cut. It would also take me six months to save for a ticket to Scotland for Christmas. Oh, and goodbye wine!"

Juliet Stevenson, Television and Film Actress



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