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What 4R Energy can do for you


Contract Renewals


Energy supply contracts can be very difficult to understand or compare. To demystify these contracts the first thing to establish is your current status. This requires an expert analytical approach which will collate and clean up consumption data to create a tender which forms the basis for negotiations. Combine this with current market knowledge of tariff structures etc the analysts will advise on the best all round deal.


Handling millions of pounds in contracts annually carries a lot of weight in the energy markets and allows our partner to command the best prices. We share any savings after agreeing a benchmark to work against such as your current energy costs.




The bulk of refunds come from newly signed clients who are unaware that they have been overcharged. Refunds for any overcharge or error that may have gone undetected for many years can be obtained for up to six years, at which point we are barred from further compensation by the Statute of Limitations.


Legal action is a last resort to prise money out of reluctant suppliers but armed with expert incontrovertible proof this is not normally necessary.


Ongoing audit negates the chances of future errors by spotting them at an early stage, often before bills have been paid and keeps everything in order over the long-term.



Ongoing Audit


Negotiating a supply contract is only half the job. A disturbing proportion of contracts are simply not implemented correctly.


An ongoing audit makes sure that you see the savings projected and that errors are quickly identified and corrected by comparing invoices as they come through with the terms agreed, verify the components of each bill, challenge any mysterious "add-ons" and investigate anomalies.


All supplier invoices that are sent for review will be checked for errors such as :


  • Errors with meter readings
  • Incorrect meters being billed
  • Conversion and multiplication factors applied incorrectly
  • Check meter/Main meter duplications


There can be delays in suppliers picking up sites or individual meters & that would require a negotiated compensation for any financial losses that can be traced to supplier error.


For more information take a look at an overview of 4R Energy  or how  4R Energy Analytics compares with Energy Brokers or find out What Basket Deals are       



Remember : We only get paid if you save money