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Water & Sanitation



The dangers of contaminated water


  • Unsafe water causes diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery which in turn kill millions of people every year



  • 40% of the world’s population suffer without a safe toilet, that’s 2.5 billion people



  • More than half of hospital beds in Sub Saharan Africa are occupied by patients suffering from sanitation and water related diseases



  • 4000 children die from these diseases every day – they're the biggest killer of young children, killing over five times more than HIV/AIDS and twice as many as malaria


What happens without clean water?

If people do not have firewood or a paraffin stove with which to boil up drinking water to make it safe, they have no alternative but to give it to their children knowing it could make them seriously ill or even kill them. Using firewood to boil water brings further problems - deforestation which leads to soil erosion which means less fertile land to grow food.


The solution

Water pumps provide a solution to this problem, delivering a supply of clean water pumped from the ground close to homesteads. 


Pump Aid facilitators employ a process known as Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS). The process helps communities realise the importance of latrines and encourages them to form task forces to ensure that every household has a latrine and uses it. Pump Aid works with communities to see which sanitation technologies offer the most sustainable options.




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