Welcome to 4R Office

Good to see you and welcome from all of us here at 4R Office.

As many of you will know, starting and running your own business requires a certain amount of resilience. That steep learning curve can feel more like a continual loop at times so we want to help. We hope you share our values and decide to make a difference by choosing 4R Office for business supplies and services.

Here’s a little background to me and the business.  

Thanks for visiting 4R Office & we hope to see you again soon.


Before 4R

In 1997 I started what became more than 10 years working for a UK paper mill group who had just built a recycled fibre plant in Kent and this happy coincidence sparked my interest in sustainability. As part of a small sales and marketing team we developed the market for our recycled brands Evolve & Ep4. We did OK.

Sales of recycled papers reached about 75,000 tonnes a year in the UK & it was made from fibres recovered from up to 180,000 tonnes a year of waste paper diverted from UK landfill. It felt like we were doing something positive.

My role involved liaising with businesses who were looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. What became clear to me from that period is that although profit was critical to these forward thinking businesses they also appreciated that to achieve long term success they needed to consider their impact on people and the planet.

Our Finnish owners always struggled with the concept of recycled paper & tragically the mill & recycled fibre plant were sold so I left & 4R was born.


4R aims to make it easier for UK businesses to manage their carbon footprint while potentially reducing their overall business costs. 

4R Office offers every sole trader, partnership or company in the UK prices normally reserved for corporates.  

  • We lead with competitively priced eco & ethical products
  • We make products and services normally reserved for corporates available to all UK businesses
  • We donate 2% of the value of sales to Pump Aid www.pumpaid.org 
  • We favour UK made products where possible

What does 4R stand for?


Reducing consumption is a fundamental principle in the fight against waste, landfill, use of fossil fuels and the resulting release of greenhouse gases in the form of methane and CO2. The objective is to strive for a continual reduction in the size of our individual & collective carbon footprints.


If a product can be used again, either for its original purpose or for something different, then its useful life has been extended.


Most products that have reached the end of their useful life can be recycled. These products provide the raw materials for recycling facilities and without a constant source of waste materials recycling is impossible.


There are sustainable alternatives for many everyday consumer goods. Without demand for these products a key element supporting sustainability is missing. 

For Our Future

So there you have it. We hope you feel we have something in common with you and that with a bit of co-operation and mutual support we can make a positive difference and safeguard the environment for our future and generations to come. 

As a member of The Federation of Small Businesses (number 2133168) we recognise the collective power of a group with a common cause.