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Secure Shredding

Many companies use third party Shredding Services to dispose of their unwanted documents. It is seen as a convenient, secure and cost effective solution........but is it?

Read on and find out how to reduce costs and minimise risk.




What is a shredding service?

A customers waste paper is collected at regular intervals by external personnel. It is removed from the customers premises and is then shredded. 


What are the risks?

Documents are left whole until the next scheduled shred

Staff leave documents on the top of the console when full

Documents are still whole when they leave the premises

Whole documents are handled by third party personnel

You have lost control of when & how securely your documents are shredded

Certificate of Destruction is no protection against GDPR breach liability



How do I minimise those risks?

Simple : manage risk internally

Once documents or other data are no longer required destroy immediately to the appropriate level of security

That means you should stop using a shredder service as soon as is possible and review your requirements.

What if we are in a contract with a shredder service?

We can help decipher what can be quite tricky terms and conditions. They are likely to be designed to make it very difficult to extricate yourself. 

It could be many months before you are free from the shredder service contract so in the meantime you can challenge the service you receive. 

You might find the level of shred security is not what you thought. Shredding companies quite often quote the BS shred level 4 (up to 2000 mm2) which conveniently can be confused with the P4 (up to 160 mm2). P4 is cross cut and is the international standard for secure shredding of data media. 

How do we manage our risk?

Once you've established when you will be free of the contract you need a plan. We can help but in essence it's three questions.

  1. how many documents and other data such as discs do you shred? - (this will differ office by office) which will dictate where you need a shredder
  2. what level of security do you need? - (this may differ office by office) which along with volumes will dictate which shredder is most appropriate
  3. What are the comparable costs between taking back control and sticking with a third party shredding service?

Once installed you will be able to securely destroy documents at point of use and by doing so manage your risk, take cost out and free yourself from any contractual obligations.